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We are an international shipping company providing seaborne transportation of petroleum products and Offshore Mechinery Sells worldwide.

    We operate a modern fleet of short-range ("SR"), medium-range ("MR") and long-range1 ("LR1") product tankers that are capable of carrying refined oil products. We intend to continue to operate the majority of our fleet in the spot market primarily through spot market-oriented pools of similarly sized vessels, which we believe will allow us to maximize our utilization and revenues and benefit from a cyclical freight rate recovery.

    BertzShippment Inc. commenced business operations in 2010 with the goal of acquiring and operating high quality product oil vessels and tankers. Our company was formed by several of the former top management team of the international shipping business, TORM A/S and institutional shareholders including Barclays Natural Resource Investments and Castel AS. In 2013, our current organizational structure and operating model was created through a series of transactions which included a renaming, the acquisition of 10 MR Oil Rig Vessels from J. Lauritzen, an equity interest in BertzShippment Management A/S and an equity interest in BTS Vessel Partners Limited owning seven SR Oil Rig Vessels and two LR1 Vesselss .

    BertzShippment is focused on ownership and chartering of tonnage in the product tanker and vessel segment. We plan to strategically expand our fleet through the acquisition of secondhand vessels and newbuilds, in each case, based on a return focused evaluation of price, quality and performance. Our primary objective is to maximize returns to our shareholders as freight rates fluctuate through the shipping cycle. An essential part of the strategy, is to create a company on the foundation of a strong business integrity framework as well as setting the highest standards with respect to safety and quality of the entire business operation.

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Whether you are a business or retail customer, our wide range of services help optimize your transportation experience and operations. Tap into our expertise every day through our global network of services.


Our shipping teams organize the transportation of oil and gas from production areas to major consumer hubs. They select and charter the safest vessels to ensure that cargo is shipped in the most timely, cost-effective way and, naturally, under optimal safety conditions.


Every day, our Clients deal in Crude Oil and Gas. Their goal is to maximize the value of production, supply refineries under the best market conditions for import and export products. In addition, We have the crucial responsibility of managing risks.


Transportation is currently undergoing a critical transformation in response to climate challenges, changing technologies and emerging user habits. Whether for Marine Cargo Vessels or for trucks.


We have access to advanced infrastructure for transporting hydrocarbons across land through interests in some 30 gas pipelines worldwide. This enables us to efficiently deliver gas and Crude oil from fields to storage centers for our Clients.


We offer services to oil merchants , companies and SMEs from all part of the world including; The United Kingdom , Turkey , Saudi Arabia , United States Of America etc..

Products & Solutions

We provide our clients with Products and solutions that best suite there business need, We work hand-in-hand with our clients to ensure that our leased out equipments are well monitored by our engineers in case of any breakdown.

Dry Cargo Ship

V.Large ATHS 14,000-18.000 BHP.

Russian Container Vessel:

PSV > 2,900 DWT.

£32,979.00/ SHIPPMENT.
7 Compactment GQ Vessel

V.LARGE > 15,000 - 20.010 BHP.

FSV Dual Vessel

AHTS 13,000 - 7.020 BHP.

Double Cargo Vessel

PSV > 2900 DWTSquare, double deck Carrier.

Double Cargo CH-Vessel

PSV > 280ODWTSquare, double deck carrier.

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